The First Fire
The First Fire

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This is more or less up to date now that I am finished. This will you a good idea at the cost of building one of these things though. Its a rough cost since you probably won't build it this way.  I WAY OVERKILLED to construction (especially for a temporary install of a 3-4 years). Also the ash vacuum was a waste of money, I do use it on the house fireplace but kind of a waste. I much prefer the splitter I got for xmas, a great tool for making those small logs this oven needs.
1The oven itself.275027502750
150lbs. of refractory mortar (whatever that is)50502800
4bags of Pealite, grade 3 coarse481922992
16" connector slip fit (chimney parts)15.515.53007.5
16" collar (chimney part)20203027.5
16" x 18" Duratech Chimney pipe52.552.53080
16" x 24" Duratech Chimney pipe70703150
16" Duratech chimney cap44.544.53194.5
1log grate (should have made my own but I was feeling lazy)30303224.5
1storm collar7.57.53239.5
120ft. Angle Iron 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 1/8
only used 10ft and really not needed
121/2 Blocks @ $0.950.9511.43265.24
104Blocks @ $0.950.9598.83364.04
1wire ties (for rebar)9.99.93373.94
41bags of 90lb. Concrete @ $1.991.9981.593455.53
1sheet of 3/4" CDX plywood13.2913.293468.82
14x4 x86.976.973475.79
42x3 studs @ $
72x4's @ $2.112.1114.773498.76
53/8" rebar @ $1.951.959.753508.51
16bags of 50lb. Sand @ $1.491.4923.843532.35
1roll of Kraft paper...what a waste...324ft. roll and all I need is 8ft.6.966.963539.31
1remesh mat for the 3" top slab3.313.313542.62
7bags of 60lb. Mortar @ $2.492.4917.433560.05
63ft. rebar @ $0.880.885.283565.33
22x4x10 @ $2.672.675.343570.67
 Total 3570.67