The First Fire
The First Fire

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Once upon I time I had an impulse and that was to buy myself a pizza oven to do bread in. As all my friends know I am quite a bread-aholic and even though this oven purchase took several weeks of talking about it with my wife it was still a impulse buy and one that I am not yet sorry for...more of my original article...

Then I moved and left my oven behind :(

I have finally started construction on my NEW oven. After my move I decided I would get a larger oven then my Mugnaini, but Mugnaini has really fallen down on their customer support, I tried to buy a new oven from them, I really tried to give them my money but the answers to every e-mail I sent convinced me that they were replying to someone else, that is how far off their answers were to my questions.


These pages are now going to be about my new pizza oven by Forno Classico (also available at Brick Oven Store), if you want to read about my Mugnaini oven, its here now..

Ok, on to the new one. I wanted a real brick oven this time around, I was going to build my own from scratch and completely by accident I found this local builder and I immediately with very little thought purchased a oven from him, I figured I could build my own in 2 or 3 months maybe, or I could pick it up in 2 weeks and it would be far better quality than what I could build, in hindsight I was right.

It took a while for my wife and I to figure out the location of the new oven, when we moved to this house we planned on putting in a oven "over there" and that is where it was going to be for a few years, once I got this new oven it was time to really figure out the location and we moved it completely away from where we had planned, that took a few weeks of discussion (sometimes loud). Then the height needed to be figured out since we plan on someday raising the patio floor because it floods in even minor rains, so we had to figure out the height now even though we are not rasing the floor yet (money issues you know). We got all that done and if you want to see the progress click here.